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Contents of the Terms of Use

  • These Terms of Use (the “Regulations”) are issued by KLAKED Ltd. (Registered office: 1062 Budapest, Andrássy út 79); company registration number: 01-09-306759; tax number: 26188980-2-42; email:; the terms and conditions for the use of the services available on the pages of (Service Provider).
  • A user is a visitor to the social media and its website—both the “site” or anyone who uses any of the services of Sport Betting Advisors. If the user starts using any element of the service, he accepts the terms of these terms.
  • Sport Betting Advisors reserves the right to change the terms at any time. Users will be notified of the change in the form of a short notice on the site. After the modification, by using any service, the user accepts the modification of the policy. All information related to the operation of the site and its services, as well as other documents that can be linked from these regulations (e.g. Privacy Statement) are part of the regulations and are binding for all users.

The most important features and elements of the service

  • We recommend the use of the site to users over the age of 18. As the legal system of some countries may set a different age limit, the user must also meet the age limit for participation of gambling in the country of residence or in the country of use of the service.
  • The purpose of the service is to inform users about the situation of the sports betting market in the international arena. The site provides information, advice and guidance for those interested in the subject.
  • The service provider reserves the right to modify or remove any content elements of the site at any time without prior notice, to change its appearance, content, operation, to place an advertisement presenting its own services or other content. Content marked on the site as “advertisement” is an advertisement.
  • Any modification or attempt to modify the content, protection of the site, to modify or circumvent the protection of protected content (e.g. paid advertisements), publish or transmit any or all of its content is considered an infringement and may result in permanent disqualification or legal damages from the site and related services.
  • The site is an independent site, not owned by a gambling organization. The information provided here is for informational and entertainment purposes only and does not guarantee financial gain.
  • The service provider is entitled to use the ideas, visions and other materials submitted by the user to the site in any form, including; free reproduction, transmission, publication or transmission of media.
  • It is forbidden to upload, post or comment on any material that; violates the law, is pornographic, obscene, violates religious beliefs, is racist, defamatory, libelous, threatens, or otherwise objectionable.

Free services

  • Content related to sports betting will appear on the site, and the site will regularly publish news content and permanent sections presenting, comparing, evaluating and updating the services, taking into account the needs of the target audience. Hereinafter referred to as “Provider Content.”
  • The service provider’s content always reflects the author’s subjective, independent opinion and, depending on the nature of the product, contains carefully selected factual, relevant data and information related to the service, directly or indirectly (via links), taking into account the target audience’s known expectations and data use intentions. This is according to the nature and theme of the place of publication of the site and the service provider’s content.
  • By publishing the content of the service provider, the service provider intends to provide authentic, independent, fast, accurate and comprehensive information to its users, in accordance with its information obligation prescribed by the relevant legislation.

Paid services

  • The premium part of the service provider content is available to users by paying the membership fee indicated on the website. The user can purchase a subscription by bank transfer, credit card or PayPal payment. From the receipt of the amount on the service provider’s account, you can access the premium content by receiving regular emails to the email address provided by the user (immediately if online payment is made). There is no option to refund the paid membership fee.
  • From the moment the user subscribes to any of the services, they become a “Subscriber” and has no right of withdrawal. The subscription will automatically restart with each round (monthly or weekly) until canceled by the user. Sport Betting Advisors is not responsible for the user’s failure to cancel. There is no option to refund the membership fee already paid.
  • Our subscribers can read content and tips related to current sports betting, mainly from the offerings of hockey, basketball, football, tennis and occasionally other sporting events (e.g. American football, darts, baseball, handball, volleyball, water polo, Formula 1). The tips and analyses are for information purposes only, guided by individual opinions, their use is recommended at your own risk and does not guarantee financial gain.
  • The user is obliged to adhere to the relevant ethical standards on the site, not to make abusive remarks or to make false accusations/slander regarding, among other things, the site, the service, its members, admins and tipsters. Otherwise, you may be automatically removed from the service.
  • The user (including subscribers) acknowledges that there is a risk in all sports betting. That is why the service provider does not guarantee that all recommended sports betting tips will be won. The service provider is not liable for any financial losses.
  • The user/subscriber is prohibited from passing on any information received from the service provider to third parties, displaying it on the internet, or distribution and publication of any kind.
  • The user/subscriber is obliged to provide the personal data required for the issuance of an electronic invoice confirming the use of the service (real name, registered address, live email address), otherwise the service provider suspends the subscriber’s access to the service provider’s content with immediate effect.
  • The subscriber accepts that the invoice certifying the use of the service can only be obtained electronically, we are not able to deliver it by post.

Violations and consequences of your use of the service are possible

  • Copyright: The service and the content available on the site are protected by copyright. All copyrights and the rights of the producer of the database belong to the service provider, and in addition to the reading, screen display and temporary reproduction required for the intended use of the service, as well as saving and printing to a personal, non-commercial hard disk, it may not be used or utilized in any other way without the prior written permission of the service provider.
  • If you wish to retrieve content from the site onto your own timeline interface or website, you may do so by retrieving the exact title of the analysis from the site with unchanged content and a complete hyperlink to the full content of the article (direct link) to place it in the title or under the entry. In this way, only content that can be read as part of the free service can be linked.
  • Please note that the receipt of the content of the site in any other way or to any extent infringes copyright and the service provider will take legal action to terminate the infringement in all cases.
  • The service may only be used within the framework of the applicable legislation, without prejudice to the rights of third parties and the service provider, and in compliance with these regulations. If a user uses the service in violation of the provisions of these regulations or the law, or other abuse of the service, the service provider is entitled to take the necessary legal steps in order to hold the user liable.
  • Use of the service is solely self-contained and manual, and the use of any automated tool, program, or bot within the services is prohibited. Furthermore, a subscriber may use the content of the service provider with only one user in any online bookmaker, therefore it is prohibited to use the content posted by the service with more than one user. In the case of such (prohibited) use, the user is obliged to pay a penalty of EUR 500, i.e. five-hundred euros, per day to the service provider from the time of payment of his first subscription.
  • No part of this site may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means without the prior written permission of the service provider. In the event of such (prohibited) use, the user is obliged to pay a penalty calculated as follows to the service provider:

In case of copying, use and transmission of the website and paid content without written permission, the amount of the penalty is 500 EUR per day, i.e. five-hundred euros, calculated per paid interface. So, for example, if the website containing the copy is published on the internet for 30 days or the transmission to a third party takes place for 30 days and the infringer uses the paid service, the penalty is 30 * 500 euros = 15,000 euros.


  • A copy is any sentence that consists of more than five words, is the intellectual property of the service provider, has been copied without the prior written permission of the service provider, and the copy is at least 80% identical to the original.
  • Any unauthorized use or transfer of paid content to any third party who is not authorized to access such content is considered copying and any unauthorized use or transfer of paid content.

Other stipulations

When copying unauthorized content, we will use all reasonable means of proof, including notarized content certification, screenshots, screen videos, and minutes. By copying, the user expressly accepts the above penalty terms. In the case of prohibited copying, the owner does not have to prove the extent of the damage. The penalty is based on the fact and extent of content copying.


In the event of a dispute, the operator and user shall submit to the relevant copyright regulations of the Hungarian state and to the proceedings of the competent court of the owner’s domicile.


  • The service provider does not take any responsibility for the accuracy, reliability, completeness or suitability of the site for a given purpose. Furthermore, the service provider is not responsible for errors and their consequences related to causes beyond its control, such as technical failures or outages in the internet network, technical shutdowns of any origin, interruptions, destructive applications or programs placed by others.
  • The service provider is not responsible for any consequences arising from incorrect data provided when using the paid service.
  • The site also contains links to interfaces operated by third parties. The operator does not take any responsibility for the content of the links it uses or the pages that can be retrieved by them and does not control their content.
  • The service provider excludes all liability for any property or non-property damage and legal damage or other consequences caused by the user or otherwise incurred in connection with the user’s conduct.
  • The service provider is not liable for any direct, indirect or consequential damages arising from the use of the site or in connection with the information on the site.