The Martingale Strategy – Sports Betting Strategies Video Series #1

November 16, 2021

The Martingale is the most common type of sports betting strategy. Legend has it the Martingale system is named after John Henry Martindale, a London casino owner who allegedly used the strategy.

But how does the Martingale Betting Strategy Work?

It’s pretty easy. I will show you through a simple example. Let’s say your standard bet is one hundred dollars. The odds always double. After you place your first bet, you will double it every time you lose a game, until you win. In the end, when you win, you will win back all of your losses and your one hundred dollars too. So, it doesn’t matter how many times you lose. In the end you will win your standard bet.

Then why doesn’t everyone do this?

Let’s look at the advantages and disadvantages. Martingale is a very simple winner strategy; anyone can use it. You never lose if you have an endless stack. But you don’t have an endless stack. And that’s the problem with it.

Martingale is the foundation of most sport betting strategies. If you combine it with others, you will earn hell a lot of money.

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