The reverse betting system – Sports Betting Strategies Video Series #2

November 18, 2021

The reverse betting system is used to over/under combination bets, especially for basketball and soccer games with between 1.91 and 1.95 odds. The beauty of this system is that you can even profit on a bad day.

But how does this system work? I will explain through an example:

Let’s say your bet is X, and X equal one hundred dollars. You need to find three matches and create three single tips for it. All three bets should be 3x. Then you play the three tips you wouldn’t win and use them to make a coupon for 2x.

Let’s look at how this works with a specific example.

First, choose three matches. All odds should be between 1.91 and 1.95. Our three tips are going to be one over and two under:

  1. China VS Brasil
  2. under 2,5 – 1.91
  3. over 2,5 – 1.93
  • Portugal VS Italy
  • under 2,5 – 1.92
  • over 2,5 – 1.91
  • Spain VS Germany
  • under 2,5 – 1.95
  • over 2,5 – 1.92

We play our tips, with 3x one at a time:

  1. China VS Brasil – OVER – Bet with 3X
  2. Portugal VS Italy – UNDER – Bet with 3X
  3. Spain VS Germany – UNDER – Bet with 3X

Then you play the three tips you wouldn’t win and use them to make a coupon for 2x:

China VS Brasil (UNDER) + Portugal VS Italy (OVER) + Spain VS Germany (OVER)

Bet in combination with 2X

Now, let’s look at the four possible outcomes.

If you win with your three single tips you get an extra 640 dollars. If you win with two of your single tips you get an extra 55 dollars. If you win only one single tip and this is the worst case scenario, you lose 551 dollars. But if you lose all of your single tips, you will win 500 dollars with your combination bet.

So, as you can see, out of the possible four outcomes, only one means we lose money. If you combine this strategy with the martingale, and use our premium tips, you can win a hell a lot of money.