The Best Advised Strategy – Sports Betting Strategies Video Series #3

November 18, 2021

The Best Advised Strategy is used when playing combination bets that have two matches.

You only need one winner out of ten coupons to start profiting.

Do not bet more than two matches on a coupon because the bookmaker will win against you.

First, we count the amount played on the coupon.

We use a simple formula to do this, where “A” is equal to the amount we bet on.

[ A = (L+P) / (ODDS#1 x ODDS#2 – 1) ]

“L” is equal to all your losses so far.

“P” is the projected profit.

Odds #1 and #2 are the match multipliers.

Let’s say your projected profit is $100, then the match multipliers are 1.83 and 2.10. Our formula therefore looks like this:

A = (0 + $100) / (1.83 x 2.10 – 1)

The amount we bet on will be $35.17.

If we win, great! We can start a new round.

If not, we move to the second step.

Our projected profit is still $100 and the match multipliers are 1.71 and 2.05, but we also have a $35.17 loss:

A = ($35.17 + $100) / (1.71 x 2.05 – 1)

Now the amount we bet on will be $53.95.

If we win, we will have a $100 profit again, in addition to the money we lost so far.

If that doesn’t happen either, we’ll continue until we win. The most important thing is to play this with your top two tips every day, which we will help you with.